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With every client and on every literary project, we aspire to form a literary partnership that will help Authors create their best work.

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Our vision is to help writers tell stories inspired by goodness.


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Becoming your literary partner is our goal.

About Who We Are & What We Do as Your Literary Partner

Becoming your literary partner is our goal Our Team



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We’d Love to Partner with You

We know you have many literary services companies to choose from but we hope you choose us. Expanding your team will get you published even faster and Kuyomi Books is ready to serve you. In every way, we make your literary project a priority. One of the ways we do this is by limiting the projects we work on at any given time. In addition to managing our workload, we make sure to carefully select our literary projects.

How We Limit Literary Projects:

 Manageable Workload

Editors and writers seldom work more than three literary projects at the same time. More often than not, they limit themselves to two projects. Careful consideration is given to what kinds of projects they do and when they take them on. This is how we make you a priority.

What we Select

Before we agree to edit your manuscript, we request a reading sample of up-to twenty-five pages. Your sample helps us determine if your genre, and other factors make your manuscript a good fit. There is no secret to our evaluation, we simply don’t want to waste your time. The same rules apply to ghostwriting. Before a writer accepts a literary project, a preliminary interview takes place. That way, you can be sure our team will allocate appropriate time to your manuscript or story because after all, they have interest in what you’re doing.

Single Contact

When you start your literary project, depending on the scope, you will be given a contact person or dedicated project manager. You won’t need to fight for space. Every step of the way, you will know the status of your project and who to contact with your questions. For those times when you need more help, you can easily stay connected.

Our Service We help you shine.

Doing the small things may seem insignificant to some but here at Kuyomi Books, little things matter to us. In fact, we’re sure our attention to detail and our desire to get those tiny things right, contributes to the success of your literary project. Some say less is more and sometimes, it’s true. Our project management style helps you to focus on the next thing, until step by step, you have succeeded.

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