Book Editing Cost

Literary Services: Book Editing Cost

Literary Services: Book Editing Cost

Comprehensive Book Editing: $45 to $55 per thousand words
Copyediting: $20 to $39 per thousand words
Book Critique: $24 to $27 per thousand words
Book Doctoring / Rewrite: $15,000+ depending on complexity & length
Book Evaluation: $345 (flat fee)

Need to Edit Your Manuscript?

In today’s competitive market, having an edited book is a must. For many self-publishers and first-time authors, the business of getting a manuscript edited can be daunting. That’s why we list our services and give you our book editing cost upfront.

When you work with us, you get results. With three levels of editing services to choose from, you’ll have an easy time finding the service that works best for you. Depending on your goals, you may need comprehensive editing or at a minimum a proofreader to read through your book before you publish.

The Editing Stages

  1. Substantive Edit – Substantive editors do it all because they are the heavy lifters in the world of book editing. These editors do everything a copyeditor and proofreader does and more. At the start of the process, your manuscript is reviewed to get an idea about whether or not the content is a coherent whole. Next, comes an analysis of the structure and style. When every aspect of your manuscript has been checked the editor would have made changes to correct grammar, spelling and other errors too.
  2. Copyediting – This stage is all about the details. In every sentence, paragraph, page and chapter you’ve written, copyeditors look for inconsistencies in your writing. They gage believability, find spelling, syntax, grammar or punctuation errors.
  3. Proofread – When the major editing work is completed, your manuscript needs a quality check. More than anything, proofreaders ensures your book is ready for publication.

For the best results choose our comprehensive book editing service.

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