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What do Ghostwriting Costs Include

Whether you come to us with a host of jumbled thoughts, notes or extensive research, you will find our premium ghostwriting services sufficient. Once your book has been written, the editors start their work because everyone knows good books needs comprehensive editing before going out to the public. For this reason, ghostwriting costs include book preparation and editing services to give you a highly marketable book. At the end of our process, not only are your words on the page but you can also quickly move on to the next step of publication.

By including editing and book formatting services, you will get a true picture of what it cost to write and publish your book.

Are you wondering whether or not you can use your own editors? If so, the answer is yes. Some authors already have these services in place and just want a well-written manuscript to hand over to their publishing company, editor or book prep team. No problem. Writing your book is our primary goal and we are willing to write a great book for you and leave the rest to someone else.

Ghostwriting Services: Become a Published Author

Very few writers become proficient in a mix of genres. Often times, writers pick a selection of genres where they can do their best work. Editors may have preferences too. For us, there is an agreed upon list of genres that we do not write or edit. These genres include:
• Horror
• Thrillers
• Erotica
• Plays
• Poetry
• Travelogues
• Children’s Fiction

Be sure you know the type of book you intend to write. That way, you won’t waste your time with a writer who does not write in your genre.

Our project pricing is based on book length. When you bring your idea to us, we discuss your goals to get an idea of the effort required to draft your manuscript. Everything is specified in a contract. Agreeing on the terms upfront promotes a positive relationship between authors and writers. Plus, misunderstandings don’t happen.

How The Ghostwriting Process Works

Ghost Writing Process Diagram

1. Writer Match

  • We submit your project to our ghostwriters and then match you with an interested writer.

2. Interviews

  • Your ghostwriter will interview you and if possible, those you identify as key to your story. These interviews can take place in a video chat, over the phone or if needed, in person.

3. Edit

  • After we complete your story, an editor will ensure that the book is ready for publication or submission to your publisher.

4. Book Preparation

  • At the end of the editing process, your book is formatted for print and electronic reading. You can then send out Advanced Reader Copies or if you desire, self-publish your book.

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