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Book Design & Formatting

We provide all the book prep services you need to get your book online, in libraries and in bookstores.

Book Cover Design

A book cover is a first look at your book. It must draw readers to it. When you capture the reader, you increase the chance of selling your book. Want a partner to help design your book cover? Let us help you.

Book Cover Basics: Genre, Imagery, Topology & Theme

Don’t rely on templates or plug and play apps. Choose a custom design. Your input will drive our design along with your content, genre, theme and target audience. As a result,  you get a unique book cover, made just for you.

eBook Conversion

Using the best design tools we create your electronic book. We provide both EPUB and MOBI formats. Pay once and receive both versions.

Book Formatting

Everyone knows that a printed book needs formatting. Did you know an eBook needs formatting too? Professionally formatted pages, whether electronic or printed require typesetting. Typesetting your book is the process of designing your pages to ensure visual appeal. When readers lose themselves in your words, it’s because they are not disturbed, in any way, by how the words appear on the page. A well formatted book brings joy to the reading experience and the overall success of your book. It means lots of things went right. Some of the things your typesetting considered were:

  • Margins Size
  • Paragraph Indents
  • Chapter First Page Style
  • Font Typeface, Size
  • Line Spacing

There are so many considerations and it’s important to work with someone who understands them.


Digital Marketing

Authors need readers. There are a number of ways to build readership and it begins with people you already know. Your marketing campaign will expand your contacts and increase your sales by giving your audience a way to stay in contact with you.

Audience Building

In order to sell your book you must connect with people and build interest in your book. One of the best ways to do this is to define and market to your target readers through social media. Social media can help identify your current connections by searching out your contacts.

Audience Building Challenge: Want More Sales?

When you engage with your audiences via social media like Facebook and Twitter you generate traffic on your author page, which can help you sell more books. To go even further, start an email campaign to share your latest news, launch you book and build your online presence.

Author Page

Creating a webpage dedicated to your work will give your readers a resource to find out more about you. Readers often go online to search for more information about the author after reading a book. Give them a place to go. The best time to create your landing page is before you launch your book. When you do, you can use your page to promote your book and to connect with readers. No matter how you choose to sell your book, your website can generate sales with one click links to all the places where your book is sold. Another bonus to your author page is building your audience by getting reader to subscribe.

Copyright / Catalog

It’s a good idea to copyright your book. If you choose to have your book formatted by Kuyomi Books, you can also complete the copyright and catalog process with us. We will register your literary work and file it with the Library of Congress. If you self-publish, Print-on-demand (POD) services are a must. Let us set things up with your Printer. 

Customized Services

Whether you need extensive help or just a little help in one area, we have you covered. We will tailor our book prep services to fit your individual needs and to provide the best service we can give. Our select services allow you to build your own package by picking and choosing only what you need from our catalog of services. If your contract is more than $3,000 we will assign a dedicated project manager to work with you.


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